Save the world, one vegan meal at a time

Being Vegan

image of being vegan

Basically vegans believe that eating a plant-based diet is best for your health and the environment. They don't like exploiting the work or resources animals provide, so honey, milk, meat, and gelatin are out of the question. They also avoid animal by-products, like wool, leather, or silk. Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Or at least a vegetarian? Check out the first page for more information about what it means to be a meat-eater, a vegetarian, and a vegan.

Vegans & the Environment

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Did you know that vegans help the environment on a daily basis? Eating a plant-based diet helps vegans keep their bodies healthy. But it can also reduce their carbon footprint as well. Raising, processing, and transporting meat to grocery stores takes up a lot of resources. When vegans avoid meat altogether, they avoid those expended resources too. A lot of times, meat farms will cause some degree of deforestation. Save the planet by going vegan or at least cutting down on your meat intake.

Vegan Restaurants

image of vegan restaurants

It seems very trendy to become vegan these days. If you're not committed to becoming fully vegan, a good place to start is by eating at a vegan restaurant. You can see just how flavorful and varied a vegan dish can be. Plus you can get ideas for vegan recipes to try at home! There is sure to be at least one vegan restaurant in your area if you live in a medium-sized town. Do yourself a favor and just try it out!

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